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Musical Inspiration

Nada Yoga is a key tenent of Jivamuklti Yoga (read this 2013 Focus of the Month). 


Below is some of the music that inspires me: 

(You can check out my SoundCloud account  or Spotify for additional favourites)


May 2019 - Gayatri




April - Hare Krishna 

April PlaylistApril Playlist


February - Truth

   - with a number of Shavasana options



February Musical inspirationFebruary Musical inspiration

October - Yin Class @ Jivamukti Munich

    • Karma Yoga: Bring a yogic attitude to your work and find satisfaction in your job, no matter what it is. Lessons from the Gita.
    • Based on article by Sally Kempton "Success Story: Yogic Principles for Your Job
    • Addition reading from "My Gita" by Devdutt Pattanaik, Chapter 1, on Darshan
    • Music by Max Richter 'Sleep' and Countertenors Yoshikazu Mera & Franco Fagioli


October - Gnossiennes / Meditation

              - Ancora tu - for the Italians 


September - Yasin/Don't Pass me By


       Please Don't Pass Me By (A Disgrace)  Leonard Cohen

I was walking in New York City and I brushed up against the man in front of me
I felt a cardboard placard on his back
And when we passed a streetlight, I could read it, it said:
"Please don't pass me by - I am blind, but you can see -
I've been blinded totally - Please don't pass me by."
I was walking along 7th Avenue, when I came to 14th Street
I saw on the corner curious mutilations of the human form;
It was a school for handicapped people
And there were cripples, and people in wheelchairs and crutches
And it was snowing, and I got this sense that the whole city was singing this:

Oh please, don't pass me by
Oh please, don't pass me by
For I am blind, but you, you can see
Yes, I've been blinded totally
Oh please, don't pass me by





August - Dreaming





















June 2018 - Magic 10



















May 2018 - Family

















February 2018 - Love


















January 2018 - Satsang  




















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07 May 20:00-21:30 Cityoga: Darmstadt 

08 May 19:45-21:15 Pure Ashtanga Yoga @ LOFT: Darmstadt

 Don't miss the Jivamukti Tribe gathering in Berlin : 9 May at 12:00 – 12 May at 18:00

Jivamukti Tribe - Berlin 2019Jivamukti Tribe - Berlin 2019

14 May 20:00-21:30 Cityoga: Darmstadt  - I will be attending Sophie's class !!! come and join, she will be subbing for me while I am away

15 May 19:45-21:15 Pure Ashtanga Yoga @ LOFT: Darmstadt     

   SABBATICAL until September 1, 2019

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