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Musical Inspiration

Nada Yoga is a key tenent of Jivamuklti Yoga (read this 2013 Focus of the Month). 


Below is some of the music that inspires me: 

(You can check out my SoundCloud account for additional favourites)


October - Yin Class @ Jivamukti Munich

    • Karma Yoga: Bring a yogic attitude to your work and find satisfaction in your job, no matter what it is. Lessons from the Gita.
    • Based on article by Sally Kempton "Success Story: Yogic Principles for Your Job
    • Addition reading from "My Gita" by Devdutt Pattanaik, Chapter 1, on Darshan
    • Music by Max Richter 'Sleep' and Countertenors Yoshikazu Mera & Franco Fagioli


October - Gnossiennes / Meditation

              - Ancora tu - for the Italians 


September - Yasin/Don't Pass me By


       Please Don't Pass Me By (A Disgrace)  Leonard Cohen

I was walking in New York City and I brushed up against the man in front of me
I felt a cardboard placard on his back
And when we passed a streetlight, I could read it, it said:
"Please don't pass me by - I am blind, but you can see -
I've been blinded totally - Please don't pass me by."
I was walking along 7th Avenue, when I came to 14th Street
I saw on the corner curious mutilations of the human form;
It was a school for handicapped people
And there were cripples, and people in wheelchairs and crutches
And it was snowing, and I got this sense that the whole city was singing this:

Oh please, don't pass me by
Oh please, don't pass me by
For I am blind, but you, you can see
Yes, I've been blinded totally
Oh please, don't pass me by





August - Dreaming





















June 2018 - Magic 10



















May 2018 - Family

















February 2018 - Love


















January 2018 - Satsang  



















December - Tribe  
























October 2017 - Basic


October 2017 PlaylistOctober 2017 Playlist

























September 2017 Fed Up - Rumi 

Poem of the Atoms - Rumi


Oh Sun! Do rise so the atoms can dance!

Through the One who makes the earth and heavens dance

Joyful souls, in ecstasy, they dance

I'll whisper into your ears where the dance will lead them

Inside the cell or out in the space In the wilderness and in the air

Adore them cause they, too, like us are befuddled and amazed

Whether in state of keen pleasure or in the state of deep sorrow

Each atom, by the ineffable sun, is mystified and perplexed.



Fed Up - Rumi PoemFed Up - Rumi Poem




















September 2017 Fed Up

September 2017 bFed Up
September 2017 bFed Up























September 2016 What is the Use?


 August 2016 Universal Compassion




July 2016 & Sardinia 



June 2016






















May 2016


December 2015



October 2015 Spirit Guide



























August 2015 Sound

Yoga of Sound - Nadam YogaYoga of Sound - Nadam Yoga

























 June 2015 Space 

June 2015 - SpaceJune 2015 - Space




























May 2015 Meaning of Life : Life has its UPs, and it's DOWN's













































April 2015























March 2015


March Inspiration - to the Focus of the Month 'Knots'March Inspiration - to the Focus of the Month 'Knots'
























 February 2015


February 2015 Musical Inspiration: Röyksopp & coFebruary 2015 Musical Inspiration: Röyksopp & co
























Schalk's Teaching Schedule:




January 2019

08 Jan 20:00-21:30 Cityoga: Darmstadt 

09 Jan 19:45-21:15 Pure Ashtanga Yoga @ LOFT: Darmstadt

12 Jan 10:30-12:00 Private Yoga Institute: Frankfurt

15 Jan 20:00-21:30 Cityoga: Darmstadt 

16 Jan 19:45-21:15 Pure Ashtanga Yoga @ LOFT: Darmstadt

22 Jan 20:00-21:30 Cityoga: Darmstadt 

23 Jan 19:45-21:15 Pure Ashtanga Yoga @ LOFT: Darmstadt

17 Jan 11:00-12:30 B.Yoga: Basel 

29 Jan 20:00-21:30 Cityoga: Darmstadt >>> teaching!!!  

30 Jan 19:45-21:15 Pure Ashtanga Yoga @ LOFT: Darmstadt - Julia Subbing 


February 2019

02 Feb  10:30-12:00 Private Yoga Institute: Frankfurt - Angelika Subbing

03 Feb 10:00 - 12:00 Cityoga: Darmstadt  Master Class 2 hours

05 Feb 20:00-21:30 Cityoga: Darmstadt 

06 Feb 19:45-21:15 Pure Ashtanga Yoga @ LOFT: Darmstadt

09-10 Feb  Emma Henry Master Classes in Basel @ B.Yoga: Basel 

12 Feb 20:00-21:30 Cityoga: Darmstadt 

13 Feb 19:45-21:15 Pure Ashtanga Yoga @ LOFT: Darmstadt

16 Feb 11:00-12:30 B.Yoga: Basel 

19 Feb 20:00-21:30 Cityoga: Darmstadt 

20 Feb 19:45-21:15 Pure Ashtanga Yoga @ LOFT: Darmstadt

24 Feb 11:00-12:30 B.Yoga: Basel 

26 Feb 20:00-21:30 Cityoga: Darmstadt 

27 Feb 19:45-21:15 Pure Ashtanga Yoga @ LOFT: Darmstadt



Don't miss the Jivamukti Tribe gathering in Berlin9 May at 12:00 – 12 May at 18:00

Jivamukti Tribe - Berlin 2019Jivamukti Tribe - Berlin 2019


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